Horse and Musket

Re-discovered figures. an army build quick win

Prompted by Andy's quick fire Napoleonic HotT army, I re-discovered a pile of surplus figures left over from a wonderful Gerard Davey gift (his own surplus figures IIRC). The bulk of the figures created a large Volley and Bayonet army, but there were some figures left over. What better idea than a heroic napoleonic French army. So, here is the first phase of the project completed. There are still more figures to go, and plans for some more 'fantasy' elements yet to come.The army so farOld Guard - bladesTwo line infantry columns - behemothsHero General-- the 'ultimate hero'?Riders on the left, knights on the rightShooters at the front.. 'legeres'Hordes.. conscripts.My question on the HotT Yahoo group about classification of French line infantry prompted a great discussion, with a range of ideas. Our intention is NOT to fight napoleonic era battles. We use Volley and bayonet for that. But it seems that using French line infantry as spears, or behemoths, could do the business.Our aim is to fight fantasy battles.

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A "quick win" in army building - a French Napoleonic army ...

Hmm, Andy sprung a surprise on me, with his re-purposing of some painted British napoleonic figures for HotT.It made me realise that I have a heap of painted napoleonics which I'd thought surplus to requirements, having built the VnB armies I now use. So here are some of the figures.Already based, and deserving of some TLC on the bases, and with the application of some washes, will be eight bases of blades. Ah, those French columns.Then there are the Legeres which will do as shooters.And soem Gendarmes of the Guards as knights (there are some Cuirass as well, but they ned horses painted) and soem knights as riders.I have a spare figures of Napoleon which I'll rebase as a hero, and maybe a spare artillery gun.And the infantry in greatcoats will suffice as hordes. So, this might be a quick win HotT army to match Andy's British napoleonics. A very colourful combo.I'll post some photos of the finished product. In the meantime, progress on the Weird World War 1 British has been suspended..  I really am a warg

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Fort Walsh, Saskatchewan

On my way back from a work trip, I took a detour to Fort Walsh, Saskatchewan in the Cypress Hills. This was more out of the way than I imagined (maybe an hour off the TransCanada highway) and involved some entertaining alpine driving (in the middle of the prairies!).Fort Walsh has a nice interpretative centre (with canteen) up top that walks you through the Fort's history and purpose with a bit of background about the Cypress Hills massacre. You then hike down to the fort itself. You can go down the road (below) or the trail (end of post).The fort is maybe 500 or 600 feet per side. None of the buildings are original as the fort was abandoned and its remains destroyed by forest fire. The site was later re-activated as a horse-breeding centre for the RCMP before being transferred to Parks Canada.There are numerous buildings to explore plus costumed interpreters. It was cloudy and cold the day I was there but the parking lot was busy despite the remote location of the fort.Above in the interior of the commander'

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