horus heresy

Adeptus Titanicus: Legio Mortis Warlord Titan

Following on the heels of my previous Adeptus Titanicus post, I've managed to complete the second Warlord titan from my boxed set. This fella is in the colours of Legio Mortis. In 30/40K lore, Legio Mortis is one of the oldest titan legions in existence, renown for being insufferably haughty and elitist. With this being the case I thought I've give their classic baroque black-red-and-gold armour the high gloss treatment, with very little weathering. In my mind's eye I see these alpha-level god engines having flights of cherubim servitors flitting around, continually buffing and waxing the armour to a blinding sheen. :)Nonetheless, I still wanted to make sure the model conveyed that it was a brutal war machine. With this in mind I chopped up some extra bits from a Civitas terrain sprue to create the wreckage of a administratum building that's in the midst of being pounded into dust by the Warlord. Also, to help place the scene within some sort of scale, I placed a small group of tech-thralls and

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Drużyna szturmowców Night Lordów | Night Lords Assault Team

Wspomniana w poprzednim wpisie Mormega reszta drużyny szturmowej Władców Nocy z czasów Herezji Horusa. Opis malowania i pochodzenie części znajduje się we wspomnianej notce, od siebie dodam zaś tylko, że ta, ciut jaśniejsza wersja pancerza, podoba mi się o wiele bardziej niż wcześniejsza.Mormeg has mentioned in his previous entry painting entire assault squad of Night Lords from Horus Heresy era. Painting scheme and description of miniatures is available there. I just would like to add, that this current, slightly brighter armour colour, is much better imho.

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