House Cawdor

Necromunda Underhive: The Dust Falls Campaign – Week 1

The Dust-Falls Devils kick the doors in on the Sludge-City Saints in a Zone Mortalis Skirmish in a previously unexplored dome deep downhive. Will the Goliaths prevail or will the horde of Cawdor Cultists prove to be too much? I’m joined by Kris from Way of the Brush for a Dominion Campaign of Necromunda. Look for Episode 2 on his channel next week!

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House Cawdor Recruiting from the Wastelands

House Cawdor is a group of scavengers bound together by their faith. It seemed fitting to name these characters after the posters who left the Dakka Dakka community to post terrible things in a true Off Topic forums we called the Wastelands. Usernames I'm bandying about before chopping up the railway letters-HfuryJesterTPLHordakNyarlyMNMPengyRabbiJojoVengisHonorable mentions for a whole bunch of others or maybe gang expansion:oomie (met him irl because of this board)thanatos (oomie's bud heh)bunbunOzyBigCGargDarkCM4CIgsnipegrif (also met IRL through the boards)The list could go on. The one thing that's nice is having the overlap from the Dakka Dakka Van Saar. Cawdor just FIT the OTZone better.

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