Hello and welcome.This week has been one of all sorts of things so let's get to it.Cats.On Tuesday, little Alfie went to get his first jabs and have a check up. He's in perfect condition and is settling in beautifully. He has adjusted to all the cats and they have adjusted to him... so we have a four cat family now.Click the Vid!Sam, on the otherhand, hasn't had such a good week. He got himself injured and his tail stopped working. After a few days of him disappearing and me eventually coaxing him in, I managed to get him X-rayed at the vets and he isn't too damaged after all... just bruising, swelling and a temperature... so he had an infection as well. Pain-killers, anti-inflamatories and antibiotics are working to resolve the issue and he has started to regain the use of his tail again.Click the Pic!He's got to go back to the vets on Tuesday for a check up and has to be kept in... but he has resigned himself to his incarceration and it has given him a chance to enjoy the company of the kitten... and he has

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2018 in retrospect.

Hello and welcome to Inso's World again.It's very nearly 2019 so I thought I'd look back over a year that has seen a lot of change for me and my family... plus a little bit of hobby along the way... so let's get started.Early in the year, things were pretty settled. I was at home, my wife was at work and things were ticking along nicely... then my other shoulder froze up so the painkillers came out again. As a result, I became lethargic and began to get a little bit house bound... so I decided to do something a little bit different, in memory of my Dad, and quit drinking for a year (the only exceptions were toasts for very special occasions and the passing of friends/relatives). Since 8th May 18, I have been on the wagon and have had seven toasts... I will be finishing this drought on 7th May 2019, which is the evening before Flora Day and the first toast will be to my Dad.Quitting drinking has made a big difference and I have been more cheerful as a result. I have also lost all of my 'drinking' weight and am

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