Hunters of the Warp

Strange Bedfellows 40K Team Tournament

This weekend I attended the Strange Bedfellows Team Tournament in Saskatoon with The Kids and Other Tim. It was a long tiring day - made longer and more tiring by the fact that I was up stupid late trying to put last minute touches on Amanda's Drukhari that Finnegan was taking to the tournament and only got about an hour of sleep before getting up again to get ready to get out to the tournament. All that aside, though, it was a pretty damned good day...There were TEN teams participating, each with four players - each player bringing a force of 1000 points. Each round a team would be matched up against another team and they would then play two concurrent games, each with two members of one team facing off against two members of the other team.There were specific Detachments that we were required to use and I found them to be a little restrictive and difficult to put a force together for. Probably because it seemed to favour a style of play  totally counter to my own. To me, it seemed to give preference to

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Strange Plans

There is another tournament coming up in town called "Strange Bedfellows) that I thought I might get in on. The format seems interesting - it's a four-player team tournament. Each team has four players, each of which brings 1000 points. There are three rounds, during each you will partner with each of your different teammates against two teammates from one of the other teams.I got kind of excited thinking maybe the whole family could go! The Girl and I could play Asuryani (Craftworld eldar), Amanda could play her Drukhari, and I though perhaps between mine and The Girl's Harlequin forces we might be able to put together 1000 points for Finnegan to play with.As it turns out Amanda's away that weekend, and The Girl and I have nowhere NEAR enough of the right Harlequin stuff to put together 1000 points of them. Partly because our forces of painted stuff are small, but mostly because the allowed detachments are pretty restrictive!None of the regular detachments are allowed. Only these:Initially, when I read the c

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