hybrid metamorphs

40k – Genestealer Cult / Hybrids

Hello! On the occasion of publishing of a new Genestealer Cult Codex, I decided to find and start posting photos of a large army, which I had the pleasure to paint some time ago. There will be a lot of posts and figures! Hybrid Metamorphs / Acolytes box goes first! Games Workshop has put into one box two options and a TOTAL MASS of bits. I firmly believe that this army is a real paradise for collectors and those who like conversions. The possibilities are huge! I decided to combine two intense colours – yellow and orange. The models are packed with details – clips, buckles, sachets and bags. GW did amazing work here! Bases made of cork, old frames and weathered with pigments. I invite you to follow us on social channels! Commission painting services- minisforwar@gmail.com

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