AHPC9 HYW Cheshire Archers

Another entry into the Challenge from a different period, I really should have entered the Squirrel Dual!!!These 16 figures from Wargames Foundry have already flown the nest to their new home next door at Casa Postie!They are HYW archers painted up in the livery of the men of Cheshire. They were a joy to paint to be honest, I wish all figures were this easy!!These 16 figures should earn me 80 points to add to my total.Getting worried about that dodgy Irishman Fran, he's gaining fast!!!

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AHPC 9: Jeanne d'Arc

As we enter the last 3 weeks of AHPC9, my latest submission is a foray into a new period for me, the Hundred Years War, and my first ever submission for Sarah's Choice. Contemporary illustration of the Maid of Orleans Jeanne d'Arc is an amazing historical female personality, and the ultimate glass ceiling breaker of the Medieval age. From a humble French peasant background, Jeanne believed that she was chosen by God to free France from the Anglo-Burgundian invaders.  At 16 she persuaded a judge to nullify the arranged marriage her father had brokered for her.  At the age of 17 she petitioned and amazingly gained an audience with the Crown Prince.  Despite all advice to the contrary, he agreed to place her in Command of an Armed force to help relieve the besieged city of Orleans, which she forsaw would result in him being crowned King. While the exact nature of her position remains unconfirmed (not well documented and the story has grown in legend through the centuries), her presence

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