Imperial Assault

"Mini Me, stop humping the laser."

I shall call him "Mini Me".Two renditions of my favourite Star Wars villain. To the left: Julie Guthrie's sculpt from the 90s, released by Grenadier to be used with WEGs Star Wars - The Roleplaying Game and Star Wars - Miniatures Battles. To the right: Skull Forge Studios' Star Wars - Legion scaled "Cunning Admiral", sculpted by Jordan Cuffie in 2018.I love them both.

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How Much Do I Hate Painting White? - Or Stormtroopers Part 3

I haven't painted anything involving this much white in a long time. Come to think of it possibly ever. the are two reasons for this. 1) There isn't actually that much that is mostly pure white and 2) It's such an awkward colour and I normally don't forget this fact which I have since I started this project. Still better than yellow I guess. It didn't really start out as a project for me either. A friend was running Star Wars and the figures were a bit limited as they were using either tokens of the old Star Wars Miniatures game figures which I personally hate.Still in need of a bit of workSo the Stormtroopers. Too much damn white. They are primed, details and washed. I am shading the white which is taking an age. This is a little discouraging. Even more so is the fact that I am probably going to have to do the whole process again although that should hopefully be a briefer process. Then I will have to look at basing them and I would be much happier basing the on discs or 2p coins as this takes much less time

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