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Aeronautica Imperialis 2nd Ed Battle Report – Ep 01 – ‘The Straggler’

Having now acquired the full play-mat, rulebook and cards to complement our copy of Wings of Vengeance, Owen and I take to the skies once again to try out Aeronautica Imperialis 2nd Edition!

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Foreven Shipyards Ships Painted

So, despite some minor issues with the primer (Testors gray) interacting with the Smooth Fine Detail Plastic of which the Foreven Shipyards models are composed, I'm well pleased with the results.Gazelle-class Close EscortsVargr-class CorsairType M MerchantType M MerchantThe solution to the slow-curing tack seems to have been to hit the model with a puff of dull-cote. This was mainly an issue on the Vargr.  The Gazelles and the Merchant where primed with a oil-resistant base that's meant to cover grease spots for latez house paint. Worked a treat.After the convention, I may go back and pick out some more details, but by-and-large, they're ready for the table top....Ω

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Let’s Play! – Aeronautica Imperialis – 2nd Edition by Games Workshop

It’s time for another Let’s Play! Today I’m breaking down the new 2-Player Starter Set ‘Wings of Vengeance’ for Games Workshop’s 8mm Air Combat board game, released this Saturday. Check out the Ork Air Waaagh as they take on the Imperial Navy over Rynn’s World!

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