Irish Heartguard

A small, and normally final, addition to my Dux force.These two mounted Curaidh, or Hearthguard, are normally the elite bodyguards of the lords.But I bought this two model Gripping Beast blister for other reasons.  Namely to represent my Lord (or a noble)  and a champion.By putting them on horses, I can have them join my mounted regiments for games where speed might be of the essence, or a devastating cavalry charge might be called for.  Though as mostly the defender in the campaign, that won't be happening very often...But heck, it at least allows me to have all options open...

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Wiccan Ritual

While I painted up an old hag last month to serve this role on the Dux battlefield last week, these models are the actual Wicca High Priestess(esses) for my force.And now that this little vignette is finally done, the hag can return to the role she was bought for (the model that is), namely that of the Crone my force has.These models are from the Foundry range, pack AG018 - Germanic Women, and I thought it fun for the placement on the table to actually combine them on a larger base to represent their "status" on the field, namely as the highest ranking (un)holy powers in my force.Painted like most of my dark age forces, in a simple colourscheme and making use of the Army Painter Strong Tone, they are now ready to spur my warriors onwards in the bid to win the campaign.I just feel sorry for the poor horsey...

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[EN/PL] The Story of Brian Boru / Historia Briana Śmiałego (Footsore Miniatures)

Hello everyone!I return today to the colorful history of early Medieval Ireland and give another story about the retreat, bravery and deeds that are permanently inscribed in the pages of the history of the Green Island.The models painted today, the army standard bearer and Brian Boru come from one of my favorite producers of metal historical minis - Footsore Miniatures.The banner is the work of Little Big Men Studios.BRIAN BORU - THE LAST GREAT HIGH KING OF IRELAND: The line between Irish Legend and Irish Myth has often been blurred, especially as the retelling of heroic deeds has been passed on through generations.        Brian Boru was no legend although his life deeds were legendary. He was very much a real man and was in fact the last great High King of Ireland and perhaps the greatest military leader the country has ever known.        Brian Boru was born Brian Mac Cennétig. He mother was sister to the mother of Conor, the King of Connaught. His

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