Iron Lich Asphyxious

Battle: Syvestro vs. the Iron Lich

Round 1 of the Steamroller last Saturday I played James MacLeod who brought Cryx. Looking at his pairing I figured I'd have the best chance with my Syvestro list without thinking about the implications. Then when I looked and saw that he had some 20+ feedback attacks that could attack my warjacks and kill my casters, I knew I had problems.Storm Troopers weren't really going to help with that problem. The Sea Witches guarantee that the units will be blast immune as often as is necessary to combat that problem.Another vulnerability was Prospero. He had two Vanguards on him. It would be far easier for James to remove the Vanguards and prospero with feedback whips.I went first and made aggressive moves that didn't endanger my 'jacks to Backlash. Superfuel means the Vulcan and Vanguards get a 16" run.I feated to clear as many Satyxis with sprays as I could and suddenly a Feedback assassination was off the table. Syvestro has 15 boxes, at most he had maybe 6-7 Satyxis left. I probably should have sprayed first to t

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