WARCRY Battle Report – Ep 06 – Ironjawz vs. Stormcast Eternals

The new Warbands have arrived for the Age of Sigmar armies and I’m joined by Chase for a three-game series pitting his Ironjawz against my three Warbands. First up are the Stormcast Eternals in their debut game!

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Tutorial: How to paint Goff Orks / Ironjawz / Blood Bowl The Gauged Eye

Here is a detailed tutorial for painting Blood Bowl Orcs in a classic Goff Klan inspired paint scheme. This tutorial is applicable to all sorts of greenskins: Goff Orks (obviously), Ironjawz, Greenskinz, Gloomspite Gitz... I aimed for a nice compromise between speed and quality and therefore, the tutorial is suitable for army painting as well. Find out more after the jump.More after the jump

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Ironjawz Brute

Even though I wasn't posting much on here over the last while I was still painting. In fact I managed to paint an entire 1500 point Ironjaw army for Age of Sigmar over the last year. I didn't like the yellow scheme that Games Workshop went for but I do like my Orruks in yellow as you will have seen with my 40k Orks. Inspired by them I kept the scheme going and embellished it just a little with some checks and flames. Even a little rust and scratches. These are now my regular army while I am painting up my Nighthaunt models and while the play style can be a little flat and boring I still enjoy charging these across the table and wrecking havoc.

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