Irregular Miniatures

Red Phoenix Project - 6mm Korean Village

Back in the summer I kicked off the Red Phoenix Project, the fictitious invasion of South Korea in the mid 1980's based on the novel by Larry Bond.I rebased the infantry and armour to be able to use them with the Seven Days of the Rhine Rules but languishing in the box of shame was a whole bunch of buildings from my first attempt to crack this project a mere 10 years ago. Back then I had painted up perhaps 5 or 6 buildings which left quite a few to get through.The buildings are a mix of Irregular and Timecast from their Asia and Russian Range. The Irregular buildings are cast in metal which is a rarity these days, they are a little rough around the edges but they do some unusual stuff in their numerous ranges. I based each of the buildings on an MDF base and added some textured wall paper to create the occasional tarmac area, I added a number of trees which were lying around to give the buildings more of a rural look.The Irregular Temple makes a great centre piece and bolting on a couple of extra buildin

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Hellfire: A little more hell on Dodgson's World

Figures: Irregular MiniaturesBuildings: VariousTerrain hexes: GHQ TerrainmakerThe heroic resistance fighters of Dodgson's World took on the brave liberators of Dodgson's World at my house last night. The rebels arrived mob-handed in a selection of improvised armoured vehicles worthy of the A-Team (circled in blue in the image below). Their goal was to seize the air traffic control equipment from the New Clemency spaceport and make off with it. This would make it hard for ShortCom to land new troops and would disrupt ShortCom activities massively, thus giving the rebels a chance to focus on defeating existing ShortCom troops before new ones could be brought in.The situation just after the start of the game The spaceport defence company, augmented by a small militia company and a company of mercenary Thaugs who acted as the police for the spaceport village occupied the spaceport buildings (circled in red above). A battalion of ShortCom regulars was known to be in the area and they might be made available t

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