The Fighting Uruk Hai

Following along the same theme as yesterday's post about the Dunlendings, here are a few more of Saruman's hard-hitting forces - the Fighting Uruk Hai. This is a photo of the force before I completed all of the preparation. Some had been done before I got onto this second round of work, so I will only be showing the ones I have worked on today.The Dunlendings were completed yesterday; the warg riders have already been prepped; for the orcs see below for a few more details. So, that just leaves the Uruk Hai for this part of the Isengard army.First up are the Uruk Hai Scouts. I forgot that the box set I had contained 24 of the plastic warriors so that brought a smile to my face as I had more than I thought. The blister contained 3 metal Uruk Hai scouts, so along with a few Uruk Hai heroes (2 poses of Lurtz - with bow and cleaver/shield - and one of Ugluk (I think?)) that brings my total to 30 scouts.As I had already made up loads of the plastic Uruk Hai warriors, it was now down to me to prep their command. For

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Saruman's armies of Isengard consisted of orcs, uruks, wargs and evil men. I have orcs, uruks and wargs aplenty (more on those in a later post) but not much in the way of evil men. I missed out on grabbing the Wildmen of Dunland minitaures when they were available but I managed to purchase a box set of the Dunlending Warriors metal miniatures, as well as a Command blister and a blister containing the hero Thrydan Wolfsbane (a GW invention I believe?).The Dunlending Warriors in my collection will be classed as those evil men, and if I can grab a blister or two of Wildmen then this little faction will be complete. There are four variants of the Wildmen, so if I could round out a unit of 12 from three blisters that would be cool. If required, to make up numbers for a Dunland force in future, I may just proxy some 3rd party miniatures like Gripping Beast's Vikings and/or Anglo-Saxons, as these will work out a heck of a lot cheaper.In total I have 13 foot warriors and one mounted. Looking at the way in which the

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