Issyria Sibyl of the Dawn

Game 9: Borka2 vs. Issyria

Round 3 of the ATC I had to play into Issyria. Concerned over the Dawnmowers (Dawnguard Tridents), I put down Borka2. The picture above is an early feat.In response, Issyria has to feat. I mess up Rok's Stumbling Drunk moves during the incoming fire from the Trident part of Issyria's feat turn by letting him open up line of sight to Borka. Hemera steps up and crit shots the Vengeance of the Rimeshaws. This strips off countercharge and Issyria's turn gets a little easier.Eating all those shots from the battle engines, I wonder now if I shouldn't have put more into trying to get Snow Shroud up to grant Borka's army concealment since it would not benefit from stealth if/when Issyria feated.The second Trident tries to finish off the Earthborn with shooting and fails, and then Imperatus tries to follow up and finish the job, but there's a mistake. Despite losing Battle Charged from Hemera's Critical Dispel, Borka's feat is still live, and models making melee attacks would turn stationary, which is what Imperatus d

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