AHPC9 Donnybrook - Highlander Master of Hounds & Bard

Yes I know.....more Donnybrook!But you can never have enough of a good thing....right?In the Highlander army list in Donnybrook, one of the characters you may use is"The Master of Hounds"The Scots figure is a standard bearer from pack SKU : JFR20 in Reiver Castings Jacobite range.With his left arm chopped off a repositioned.I wasn't sure how and what to use for the dogs lead or whether or not to have one at all.In the end I went with some plane and simple fuse wire.Which I think works pretty well?The Hounds are from Gripping Beast pack PCT14 Pict pack Master & Hounds"The Master of Hounds controls a pack of hunting dogs bred by the Clan. He is armed with a short sword and controls 3 dogs. When they attack the player rolls a d3. The result is the number of dogs who lunge that turn. Add the Master to the attack. So at full strength there will be 4 attacks, while the minimum is 2. The dogs do not check morale when taking casualties and fight to the death. If the Master loses all his dogs he fights on alo

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AHPC9 Donnybrook - 25mm Jacobite Artillery

Firstly, thank you to all you lovely lot out there who voted me into second place in the "Sport" bonus round. I had a lot of fun creating the figures and have been asked what rules I plan to use to play Lacrosse with them. I don't know how to play Lacrosse, never mind make rules up for them!!!Another week has passed and I've been very busy with the brush!I've stayed with the Jacobite Highlanders again this week, but have gone forthe simpler form of artillery.All the Highlander figures are like the Horse in my last post from Reiver Castings, while the artillery are from Parkfield Miniatures and Wargames Foundry.There are 7 x artillerymenAnd 2 gunsAlso there are a few packs of Trade Goods from Crooked Dicethat can be used as hastily built barricades. 7 x 25mm  35 points2 x artillery 15 points??? (Should be 10 points each, but one's a tiddler?)5 x various trade goods ?????Lee was very generous and gave me 70 points in total!!!Which along with another group of figures pushed me up to 7th place

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Flags of War Jacobite Rebellion 1745 Kickstarter

Back in July along with many other bods, I signed up for my first ever Kickstarter.I've spoken to Iain many times and bought many of his great flags from Flags of War before and so have the other Rejects. So when he announced his foray into the '45 Rebellion, I was very tempted.I have previously owed the 45 in both 15mm and 25mm, selling them both on to offers I couldn't refuse!! Both to Postie by the way, its about time he played a game with the buggers!!!I have been collecting a few pre painted Highlanders from Redoubt minis, these have not yet made it to the blog. Of course the plan is to use these for another Donnybrook army, Killikrankie and the like, these figures will make a great addition to their ranks and I may well add a few redcoats and have a British army for the 45? You never know?I pledged for Prestonpans package which included 6 packets of figures and 1 set of flags.The box arrived yesterday afternoon, I did get the evil eye from the Mrs when I got in, I think she thought it was a Xmas pr

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