Director’s Briefing – December 2018

  If you would like to receive the Director’s Briefing straight to your inbox each month, you can sign up to our mailing list HERE.     Welcome   To the ninety-first Briefing and the twelfth scheduled Briefing of 2018.     Dragonmeet 2018   The ICE team attended the Dragonmeet convention, setting up our stall and bedecking it with enticing products, including both hardcovers and softcovers of Shadow World: Jaiman: Land of Twilight. Dragonmeet continues to grow in size and had its largest number of attendees ever. A very successful convention in terms of sales (we sold out of Jaiman hardcovers and a number of other titles). We also had some useful discussions with three potential authors, a new artist, and another potential foreign language licensee.     Shadow World   Terry is back to work on Shadow World with Haalkitaine manuscript. He is also considering doing a small adventure set in SW Emer.     Rolemaster   Aaron Smalley has joined Jo

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Director’s Brefing – October 2018

  If you would like to receive the Director’s Briefing straight to your inbox each month, you can sign up to our mailing list HERE.     Welcome   To the eighty-ninth Briefing and the tenth scheduled Briefing of 2018. A short Briefing this month as it has been busy in the real-world with the start of a new academic year, but still happy.     Shadow World   While you have been enjoying the second edition of Shadow World: Jaiman: Land of Twilight, Terry has been busy working on Haalkitaine. His approach has been to combine the editing and revising of the existing text with adding new material as he goes along. Terry’s expectation is that the second edition of Haalkitaine will have 100+ pages of new content, with a particular emphasis on groups and people that player-characters might encounter. As an occasional change of pace, he is also making modest progress on Emer IV.     Rolemaster   I don’t have any progress to report on RMU Creature Law this month, bu

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Jaiman: Land of Twilight available now!

We are thrilled to announce the release of the greatly anticipated second edition of Jaiman: Land of Twilight!   Between the Forbidden Sea and the Barren Waters lies Jaiman, a majestic continent of powerful cultures in conflict. The Forces of the Unlife and the armies of the Dragon Lords seem destined to clash again; Men and Elves must fight or flee.   You can get a pdf copy of Jaiman: Land of Twlight now for a special introductory price of $12 (normal price $18). Don’t wait too long though, this offer won’t last forever.   Print on demand copies will be available in the not-too-distant future.     Buy it now >>     Jaiman: Land of Twilight   Jaiman: Land of Twilight is a fantastic setting material book for Rolemaster‘s official setting: Shadow World. The new second edition contains loads of brand new material including:   Updated and greatly expanded text, particularly the overview of the continent, including Urulan and other regions. Updated Ti

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