John Carter

Hinchliffe 1970's Sci Fi conundrum partially solved...

Whilst looking for some images of Hinchliffe Models' chariot pieces to solve another puzzle, I came across a February 1975 advertisement on the wonderful old catalogue resource Mirosoft... I've used it many times before and, indeed, foresee using it a lot in the future... Anyway, searching through a Hinchliffe Models' ads PDF I finally found a title for SF15 which has, so far, been an unknown... most listings jumping from SF14 to SF16... we finally have SF15 Martian Dog. So, a partly solved puzzle now needing a picture of a Peter Gilder sculpted Calot.More on the full range here; Red Martian officerSF2 Red Martian trooper, radium rifleSF3 Red Martian trooper, long and short swordSF4 Red Martian Female, radium pistolSF5 Black Martian trooper, radium rifleSF6 White Martian, sword, attackingSF7 White Martian, sword, defendingSF8 Green Martian, swordsSF9 Green Martian, sword and axeSF10 Hero, possibly John Carter himself! 

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John Carter of Mars RPG Rulebook

Today Modiphius have announced the impending release of the John Carter of Mars Core Rulebook in PDF. Their hugely exciting new 2d20 RPG transports you to the dying world of Mars. Full of adventures, heroism [...] The post John Carter of Mars RPG Rulebook appeared first on Tabletop Games UK.

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