Previews: Minicrate, Infernals...Judgement???

It's been a week, and there's stuff to look at.Like weathervane head here. He's a weapon attachment for the upcoming Infernals faction in Warmachine (I believe they're calling the Hordes logo on this stuff a mis-label), and given that some of the preview spoilers featured weird blobs of flesh as units, does that mean human warriors accompany the flesh things or do the humans come with their own infantry in infernals like some kind of mixed sylvaneth force? Time may tell...Harlequin Versh is a minicrate model of the Order of Illuminati hunter guy, Harlan Versh.While seemingly out of character for the guy (the original model looks very much like above. Grim and stalwart, pointing his gun at evil, as one does), the contrast between the steady stance and what will be a motleyed coat with peasant cape may prove to be a game winner. Quite a few don't seem to like it already, though.They can send me their stuff if they like. I'll have an army of Harlequins named Versh.Then Gunmeister games previewed their Undead Dea

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Judgement 3v3: Thrommel, Thorgar, and Saiyin vs Sir Marcus, Zhonyja, and Bastian

This was no draft game between Chad and me. The Bears in the picture are our effigies (I think they're called) and the big rock is the one that gives you the fate.Yeah, obviously Chad is the one running this show. I hardly know the names of things.I told Chad what I wanted to play and he tried to balance a matchup with his full collection. I had Thrommel, Thorgar, and Saiyin, while he went ahead with Sir Marcus, Zhonjya, and Bastian.Gloom popped up and Thorgar killed him, got to level 2 and bought a Vorpal Blade. From there, I moved Saiyin in to support and heal Thorgar, capture the first Soul despite the encroaching presence of Sir Marcus in his defensive posture, and Thrommel went to secure the Shrine for more fate.I was mostly up throughout the game, getting two or three souls and then struggling to bank them securely. Zhonyja and Sir Marcus sent Thorgar back to my effigy, and Thrommel largely went uncontested at the shrine. Juiced up on fate, the team did all kinds of things I couldn't imagine because rea

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Judgement Previews 2019

News update for the game Judgement: Gunmeister Games has laid out their release plans for 2019, and the plans include what looks like about 4 models and a few other things for their MOBA inspired game.At first when I heard them say that their next hero release was going to be Itchynads, the Goblin Hunter, I wanted to know if he was a goblin who hunted, or a hunter of goblins. Then they released an image and rules and it was all made clear.It will be interesting to see how the game continues to take shape. They did a massive kickstarter hero release to where there are over 20 of the 54mm miniatures for the game. To give you an idea, the game is based on 3v3 or 5v5 matchups, so having 20 models is plenty now for what they plan to do. Adding 3-4 models in the course of 12 months might seem small, but the number can be impactful if the models themselves see play or cause others to change what they choose to play. (There are versions of the game that allow for pick and bans when developing your roster, so introduc

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