Dogs Ahoy Pirate Campaign 2019

This week we had our half-yearly pirate campaign. At 5 and a half days it has been the longest yet and also one of the most productive ones. Here's a brief summary with some photos.Days 1-2: In the TownThe first two days saw our crews fighting it out in the town. This is our usual start to allow for collecting treasures to purchase weapons and equipment, hire new crew members (such as the highly popular surgeon and scholar) and - of course - earning experience to improve the characters' skills and earn new abilities.Day 3: On the High SeasThis day was dedicated to sea battles. Our first game - "Breakthrough" - ended for me with the Pirate Fluyt ramming my British Unrated Cutter so that I could not move (not to mention the human casualties!). Then, the race between the French Fluyt and the two British Sloops ended in a draw with both sides reaching the table edge in the same round.Day 4: Storm the FortI had been looking forward to this day probably the most. I had ordered the Vauban Fort from More-Terrain some

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Go To Ground Wargaming Review – Urban Jungle

I have a review for you today – Go To Ground Wargaming Review. I’ve used Urban Jungle terrain from Go To Ground Wargaming in two games now. I love it! Let’s take a closer look… Never miss an article? Subscribe! I got one large set of Urban Jungle terrain. There is also a Fantasy Jungle terrain set, but the urban buildings felt more in keeping with Warhammer 40K. And this terrain seems very fitting now that my Catachans are taking shape in the form of three Cyclops Demolition Vehicles and three Hellhounds. Also got 30 Guardsmen on the way for […] The post Go To Ground Wargaming Review – Urban Jungle appeared first on Warhammer 40K Blog.

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Black Templars vs Astra Militarum – 1,500 Points

I have got a new battle report today for you! It’s 1,500 of Astra Militarum taking on the Black Templars – who I’ve never played before. The battle was at Boards & Swords and we used the Urban Jungle Scenery from Go To Ground Wargaming. This battlefield is using 2 Large Sets – Go to Ground currently has 25% off on small sets if you wanted to get started. My little bit of research told me they would possibly be melee focussed because of their ability to re-roll failed charges. But other than that I just expected Marines. Never miss an […] The post Black Templars vs Astra Militarum – 1,500 Points appeared first on Warhammer 40K Blog.

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