Kamp Kill Team

Kamp Kill Team Campaign - Day Three

Wednesday was the third day of our Kamp Kill Team Campaign!If you haven't been following along you can find the first two instalments here:Kamp Kill Team Campaign - Day OneKamp Kill Team Campaign - Day TwoToday followed more or less the same format as the last two days - two rounds of Kill Team games followed by some climbing and some painting. The games are definitely getting shorter.ROUND FIVEIn Round Five we saw siblings battling each other... some siblings get along better than others...Harlequins vs. OrksScenario: Take PrisonersSector Mechanicus - Service HatchesScout Phase - both selected Take Forward Positions - so they had to dice off to see which actually got to make use of it.The Orks got to use the Take Forward Positions strategy.Like most games so far this week, the battle denigrated into a brawl in the middle of the Kill Zone. In the end the Harlequins tabled the Orks in three rounds. They also managed to capture Burny Sandurz and another of his waaagghband for 4 victory points... Stabba got stab

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Kamp Kill Team Campaign - Day Two

Tuesday was Day Two of the Kamp Kill Team Campaign.You can find out what happened on Day One Here if you missed it:Kamp Kill Team Campaign - Day OneROUND THREETyranids vs. OrksKicking things off, the Tyranids finally faced the Green Menace!Scenario: Extreme MeasuresSector Munitorum - Scavenged BountyScout Phase:Tyranids: Take Forward PositionsOrks: Set TrapsOrks all set up and ready to go - there were six objective markers (the barrels) that had to have demolition charges set on them - by use of a 1 Command Point tactic. The charges could be removed via a similar 1 Command Point tactic. If there were more barrels with charges on them than not at the end of the game the attacker (Tyranids) would win.Tyranids - ready to go. That kid has taken "Take Forward Positions" EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. and no one's thought to make use of the Eliminate Sentries strategy against him!?As with most games - especially those involving Orks or Tyranids the action devolved into a big melee in the middle of the Kill Zone.The Tyranid W

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Kamp Kill Team Campaign - Day One

For our last week of summer holidaze, we are hosting a pair of the kids friends (for the day - nine to five, each day, all week) and playing a short Kill Team campaign. I'd invited them earlier in the summer, and had dubbed the concept 40K Camp, but then we went and got all excited about Kill Team and decided to run a campaign all week long... I suppose it could still be called 40K camp... but Kamp Kill Team sounded more fun.Kill Team has an interesting campaign system - while individuals gain experience, the team's standing is represented by a number of not-necessarily-tangible resources - representing their impact on the war effort: Intelligence, Materiel, Morale, and Territory. Unlike most campaigns, instead of gaining these resources through winning games, teams start with a set number of each and LOSE them by losing games (generally speaking - there are a few where you can gain some...). Once a team has had been reduced to zero in one category they become a guerrilla team and can on longer add new member

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