Warmachine/Hordes – Khador Winter Guard

Hello! I have collected over 2200 unpublished photos of miniatures, divided into one hundred and fifty folders. This is the amount that I have left after a strict selection. I’ll certainly make some more cuts, but there’ll be enough material for months of entries. In today’s post I would like to present you with a unit of Winter Guard for the army of Khador. It is the basic infantry of this faction. In this case with a sergeant and a flagship. The colours are rather dark, heavily weathered. I painted it a long time ago and it is the only unit of Khador, which I finished for my army Tufts of grass from my favorite company Paint Forge. To the next time! Painting orders –

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Khador, June 2012

Just a review of painted stuff. Why not?? Warcasters: Sorscha1 (metal), Butcher1 (2010), Irusk2, Vlad2. Jacks: 2x Devastators, Juggernaut (metal), Destroyer (metal), Kodiak, Torch, Behemoth, Magnetized plastic Jack (Juggy, Destroyer, Marauder, Decimator)

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