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Hello again! Is it Sunday already?! Welcome to Inso's World again.This week has been mostly about work... lots of it. That means that I haven't had a huge amount of time for very much else. It also means that when I did have time, I wasn't really in the mood for hobby stuff... so not a lot has been achieved.I must admit that it has been nice having a couple of days off, with my wife. We have spent some quality time in each other's company so it has made up for me not having a Christmas holiday a bit.Work is still great... although the 'politics' can be a little jarring. I am loving the work though... so that is where my focus is going.So... all the hobby:Click the Pic!This represents all my hobby time this week. The whole bike squad is now converted and the bikes are all in the process of paint. One is more or less finished, the other five need the green tidying up before a wash with Agrax Earthshade and then highlighting etc.In other hobby news, I have received my Onna-bugeisha Kick-starter from Bad Squiddo

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Grinding advance.

Hello again and welcome to Inso's World.What have I been doing this week? Painting a tank. Sadly, I haven't been able to get as far as I would like because I have had work and family distractions... plus a strained back... that has meant that my hobby time has been restricted. As it stands, I have a painted tank with a WIP tank commander and the model will be finished by next weekend... here's some paint:Click the Pic!The fully painted and assembled tank:Click the Pic!This image shows the base-coated and washed tank commander. She is ready for the highlight stage which will probably start tomorrow because I have to go to work very soon:Click the Pic!It has been a nice change to work on this tank... but I still don't enjoy the stippling part of the painting process... however, it does create the effect I am looking for so I guess it's just something I have to put up with.What happens when this is finished? I'm in two minds. I'd like to get more APCs converted and painted but I have a few distractions that are

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Back to work!

Hello and welcome to Inso's World again.It's a gloriously sunny day and I've been removing the remains of the fence in the garden. It was a victim of the recent storm and needed to be removed after some of it was blown down... that led to removing a 'seat' made of cement blocks and some slabs; which were obviously built by someone who never played with Lego as a child... I'll leave the sweep-up for another day.Anyway, I digress.This week has been one of training and pottering about. It is just like being back in the RAF... sitting through induction training. Mind you, I am getting to learn and use the new equipment that is required for my new job so it is most certainly worth while and is fairly enjoyable.This coming week, I have more training and some proper work shifts... obviously with maximum supervision but at least I will be able to start working properly, rather than being limited to what I can do.As a result of some of the more 'interesting' challenges I am expecting to face, I am also required to tak

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