King Philip's War

AHPC9 Donnybrook - Reiver Castings Militia

 Oh look, yet more Donnybrook!!!!I do like it when you can have versatile figures, and that's exactly what these are.The figures are from Reiver Castings, and can be purchased here.For the princely sum of £11 They can and hopefully will be used in the following armies.Monmouth's RebelsKing Phillip's War Militia&Irish RappareesThese 10  bad boys were worth 5 points each so earned me 50 points.

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AHPC9 Donnybrook - Warfare Miniatures Militia

Surprise Surprise!!!More Donnybrook shenanigans!!!I bought these 50 Warfare Miniatures last year at The Other Partizan wargame show,from Mr Beneath the Lily Banners Hilton himself. These are very multi-purpose figures and are something that were missing fromthe late 1600's figure range. Dixon's and Reiver do have similar figures, but not in this many poses. And this is only the start, there will be more poses from Warfare minis!!I mainly wanted these figure to use as Militia for Bacon's Rebellion or King Philips War in America,but they will also be used as Rebels in the army of the Duke of Monmouthat the Battle of Sedgemoor. And also they can be used for as either side in Ireland in the Boyne campaign.There are 30 Musketeers and 20 Pikemen/SythmenI do have another 10 Pikemen to paint up, but I've only just bought some different weapons for them to hold, hopefully they'll be painted during the Challenge???These 50 x 25mm figures earned me a very nice 250 points to add to my tally.Which at the moment

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