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March Games

In March, we played a few games....Friday, 1 March 2019The first of March was a Friday, and therefore Family game night. As we hadn’t gotten to play a game on my birthday, I chose to play Terraforming Mars. This was our fifth play of it so far this year (half way to 10!). While I (and probably Amanda) are far from tiring of this game, I think the kids are… well… interested in playing other things…?This evening we played with the Hellas board. My stuff at the end of the game.Amanda Plante played Ecoline, I tried out Credicor, The Girl played the Tharsis Republic, and Finnegan played Inventrix. I felt like the game went crazy quick – like I was barely getting going… and it was all over!? I did managed to take the Rim Settler milestone and first for the Space Baron Award and tied for second in the Magnate Award. Amanda took the Tactician and Polar Explorer Milestones and first for both the Magnate and Cultivator awards. Finnegan came in second for the Space Baron, Magnate, and Cultivator awards.Amanda won with a

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October Games

We got in a few games this month. Unlike previous months - and previous Octobers - all the games seem to be clusetered around weekends - or on Hallowe'en....There are a couple reasons for this. One is that we - as a family - are doing waaaaaaaay too much other stuff (mostly on Weekday evenings)... Sunday The Girl has Irish Dance Classes. Monday she had swimming and Amanda and I are taking a ballroom dancing class. Tuesday The Girl has Lyrical and Jazz dance classes. I have my Irish dance class, and Finnegan plays D&D every other Tuesday. Wednesday both kids have violin lessons, The Girl has Ballet and Finnegan plays in a Star Wars Role-playing game and Amanda leads a Yin yoga class. Thursday Finnegan plays in another D&D campaign, and both kids have Improv classes at Persephone Theatre school (but at different times!? Luckily it's very close by!). Friday is the one day we don't have much going on... Oh, except my cello lessons, every other Friday... Saturday The Girl has Tap classes and volunteers wit

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