Revenants (well zombies but hey...)

OK, so finally got a photo session and so here are the zombies from a while back... not sure my camera is at it's best anymore, it doesn't remember the date or settings when it's turned off... but hey, better pics than I've been managing....So... Mantic zombies with a variety of g/s to just 17thC them up a bit...base figures with a bit of g/s to vary clothing and poses a wee bit...and as an equal opportunities necromancer some lady corpses... g/s for boobs, although one has a boob ripped off as I couldn't get them even. She also has a missing hand, as it seemed unlikely that so many would be carrying around a fresh hand for snacking, so lopped off and a bit of wire for bone and g/s for flesh...

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EM4 ships and X-Wing

So, I’m picking up the occasional ship for X-Wing still when cheap, with 2nd edition now out it’s easier to get the cards than the models, so a bit of creative licence might be in the offing. So I picked up the spruce of plastic ships from EM4 Miniatures. I’m mainly trying to get a small Scum & Villainy selection, so a bit of a ragtag feel would not go amiss. As you can see, some could work for smaller stuff like the M3-A Interceptor (the pic below is the best comparison I could find online and puts the M3-A at about the length of the Y-Wing engine), or with a bit work a Kihraxz fighter. The more true to scale A-Wing is comparable, and the scaleable Snowspeeder from the Hoth ERTL kits suggest a possible source of Scum speeders for Ground Assault as well. The unpainted X-Wing from the same Hoth kits will eventually make some decent Z-95 Headhunters.

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diving back in...

So, I’ve been slowly getting a groove on, greenstuffed a load of zombies into the 17th century. I had them kind of half done from a few years back, but finished them off and slapped some paint on them. Not my best, but a) not bad for two plus years absence and 2) I hate doing rank and file and wanted to get them out of the way. Now, my laptop is dead so no fancy pics at the moment as I’m using my phone and no light tent, so a quick “painted something honest” shot below. Basing still to be sorted and will see to doing a photo session later...Next up then is back to building... saw these online ( and figured a change to the 4ground buildings would be good. The mill is interesting as with my fetish for interiors I’m looking forward to doing some workings in there. What is interesting is that the timbers are cut separately and stand proud... normally I’d do that myself with balsa, but may have to see if I can get a rough timber texture on them. The barn is simple enough, an extension floor is ava

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