AHPC IX: Gunfighter Ball II

 My latest submission for this year's Challenge is more figures and a saloon for Gunghighter Ball.I enjoyed painting the batch of figures I got from the Kickstarter that I purchased some more factions from Knuckleduster - The James Gang in the front and the "Cowboys" in the back.  The latter group were the enemies of the Earps in the movie Tombstone.  The Earps will make an appearance in the challenge in the final bonus round - "Fellowship".Some general townspeople and characters in the back row.  The guy in the tub is really funny.Some characters that may or may not have been inspired by a certain movie depicting the rough and tumble world of Real Estate development on the Old West.The "Alamo Saloon" also came with the kickstarter.  In addition to putting out the rules and figures, Forrest over at Knuckleduster also has some really nice building kits.  These kits are laser cut wood for the structures with metal and resin detail parts.  They are very nicely done an

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Knuckleduster Miniatures: Gunfighters Ball

Knuckleduster Miniatures ran a successful Kickstarter for a new American West themed game: Gunfighters Ball.  I've really enjoyed reading the rule book and painting up the fantastic minis that were produced for the line.  These are "heroic-scale" 28mm so really closer to 30-32mm and are wonderfully sculpted.  The masters for all the minions were created in CAD and then 3D printed.  Even my very limited painting skills can make these figures look great.I'll do some future posts about the game after I've played a few rounds with the club but I'm really excited about the rules.  This is that rare kickstarter that has not disappointed in any way.The Hotel in the picture is from Sarissa Precision.  the GB line also comes with some of it's own buildings which you'll see over the next few weeks.

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