Kommandant Sorscha Kratikoff

Game 4: Kolgrima Stonetruth vs. Kommandant Sorscha Kratikoff

Round 1 of a local Champions event, I played Mateo who decided to field Kommandant Sorscha Kratikoff in Armored Corps. I dilligently played Kolgrima in Storm of the North.Assassination wasn't an option for me, not with Sorscha's armor, the ability to repair, and my inability to cast cold spells at her, so I decided to play for scenario and hope not to clock myself.With a cloud of fire on the table, I decided to split up my Fire Eaters, not because I thought they would handle the ARM 23 or whatever Shocktroopers, but because they'd be maybe enough to get in the way and would need Fire to be relatively threatening and durable.Sorscha's Warjacks are misdeployed and too far away to get Stoke the Flames. This makes them slower and unable to counter charge. Shock Troopers with Iron Flesh Advance up the table...in Shield Wall! What nonsense is this! (answer: Typical standard ARM 23 or whatever it is nonsense).Sorscha feats to cover her side of the table with clouds.Edrea gets PAthfinder so she move up and remove any

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Game 1: Kolgrima Stonetruth vs. Kommandant Sorscha Kratikoff

Jon Raffensperger came by to try out his Armored Corps theme force with Kommandant Sorscha Kratikoff. I've been playing my Kolgrima list a lot, so I played it even though I had an inkling he would bring Sorcha and would have taken assassination by cold spell off my available options. Because it's Armored Corps, I choose not to Ambush my Bears as they'd be far away from any necessary buffs and the featured Man-O-War units move very slowly. Jon didn't have a Chariot in play either, so I didn't have to out maneuver that thing.My biggest concerns on first turn was getting fury into the stone as my line would get stretched thin and away from its Protective Aura, and not getting my Fire Eaters killed, so I kept the unit closest to the Bombardiers behind clouds.  On my second turn I send in the Fire Eaters to potentially get in the way of two of his battlegroup, Beast-09 and a Kodiak. Beast-09 has Stoke the fires on him, and he uses countercharge to kill the Fire Eaters that lands beside Sorscha.I the

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