Red Phoenix Project - 6mm Korean Village

Back in the summer I kicked off the Red Phoenix Project, the fictitious invasion of South Korea in the mid 1980's based on the novel by Larry Bond.I rebased the infantry and armour to be able to use them with the Seven Days of the Rhine Rules but languishing in the box of shame was a whole bunch of buildings from my first attempt to crack this project a mere 10 years ago. Back then I had painted up perhaps 5 or 6 buildings which left quite a few to get through.The buildings are a mix of Irregular and Timecast from their Asia and Russian Range. The Irregular buildings are cast in metal which is a rarity these days, they are a little rough around the edges but they do some unusual stuff in their numerous ranges. I based each of the buildings on an MDF base and added some textured wall paper to create the occasional tarmac area, I added a number of trees which were lying around to give the buildings more of a rural look.The Irregular Temple makes a great centre piece and bolting on a couple of extra buildin

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Dispatches from the front II

I bloody hate cavalry...… I have been sitting looking at the same cavalry unit for the best part of three weeks, if I can't break the back of them tomorrow they might have to be bounced from the queue for a while. I am not sure if it's the mass of horse flesh or the fact that I have glued the riders on first, something that I don't normally do in the painting process. Do we all have a touch of OCD when it comes to painting? Meanwhile we had a crack at Osprey's latest card game, a two player game with a number of missions from D-Day to play through, you use your cards to grab the initiative and use your squads to grab objectives I must admit it was a real blast and felt very realistic, very much a band of brothers feel to it, the early missions contain only rifle squads, but later missions introduce MG's Mortars and snipers.MG's are great at pinning troops, mortars are flaming nasty and you need to get a move on once the targeting round lands. Stick and move is the name of the game.Send your scouts out to cl

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