Orktober 2019 – Ork-Mech Lootas

Hello! More waves of yellow and blue Waagh are advancing. In this Orktober-post I would like to present you a large unit of Ork Lootas, which was prepared by our fantastic team. The models are a mix of parts from different manufacturers – Wargame Exclusive, Maxmini, Kromlech. The bases are made of spare bits from GW sets, which gathered over the years in our studio. Squads like these require a lot of time to prepare and paint, but the final result is worth it I invite you to see the full gallery below. See you in the next post! Commission painting services –

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40K Project – Valhallans

I’ve recently come to the realisation that I’m doing my first ever 40K Project – my Valhallans. This doesn’t feel like anything else I’ve done before and this has all happened by accident. In this article – I’ve no idea where it’s going to go – I’m going to explore what a project is, compared to everything else I’ve done over the last five years in this hobby. Never miss an article? Subscribe! And actually I’m doing my Catachans too. Although this feels less like a project because I’ve had help from Chris at The Unrelenting Brush with the infantry […] The post 40K Project – Valhallans appeared first on Warhammer 40K Blog.

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Kromlech Rotten Butcher

Rotten stuff! Pretty excited to paint this Rotten Butcher from Kromlech. Never really painted nurgle or any decay or rotting miniature style before. As always, Kromlech miniatures sculpt and quality are amazing. The Kromlech Rotten Butcher sculpt, with no exception, was amazing with all the details of the rot and blisters! When I had this project, I was really excited to get my brush painting those decay… ha ha. Client wanted to use this Kromlech Rotten Butcher as the Great Unclean One from warhammer 40k. I thought that was a cool idea as well. As decaying and rotten as it gets, definitely I had a great time getting the Rotten Butcher to feel rotten! Ha Ha.

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