Krootox Rider (and another Gretchin!)

Things are flying off the workbench fast and furious these days! Too bad none of it is my own Necromunda stuff I've been wanting to work on!? I started the Gretchin at the same time as the last two and just finished it up last night, and he Krootox Rider... well... It was primed along with the remaining 12 Kroot Warriors that I was going to show Finnegan how I painted them and let HIM go at it... and it was just sitting there... and looked really cool... and looked really easy to paint... so I went ahead and painted it!?The Krootox Rider - giving Finnegan's Kroot force a bit of fire support. All painted with contrast colours - except the dread-spines on the head (which was painted with regular black paint and highlighted with grey) and the metal parts of the gun (painted metal and washed in Nuln Oil).The Gretchin. This is an older metal Gretchin - not sure where he came from...? Looks like a Mechboy's assistant? As with the others - all painted with Contrast paints - except the scrap metal on the tray.Co

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Guardian Defenders, T'au, Kroot, Cawdor Juves and a Really Big Rat...

A bit of an odd assortment of 40K related things rolling off the workbench today. A lot of this is actually for the kids. I've been experimenting with... well... other ways of painting. Not for me, I like the black undercoating and leaving that hard black line between things for contrast and deep shadow. When I got the kids painting I tried to teach them the same, but I've come to realize it requires a bit of finesse and attention to detail to pull it off and without that... well... it doesn't look good... So I thought I'd experiment with other things to see if I could help them find a different painting style that suits their needs and/or speeds up their production so they can get things DONE!Some of these were started a couple weeks ago, but were then put on the back burner as I needed to push to finish the last often Drukhari that we needed for the Strange Bedfellows Team Tournament. Some are ones I tried spraying with coloured primer (purple) and then washed with either Nuln Oil or Druchii

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