Lancaster PA

Historicon 2019, now that’s bucolic!

This is an After Action Report of HISTORICON 2019, the Summer show (and largest show) put on by the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society.  This show was the first show in the convention’s new home, the Lancaster Convention Center, located in downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  For once, I forsook the pastoral route of 270 to 15 to 30 and I sought the advice of Couselor Waze.  That took me up the Wilson Bridge, to 95, to 83 near Baltimore, up to York, then North up to 30.. so yes, I did get a chance to enact the classic “going to a Con” ritual: Town center appears to be most accessible coming from the Route 30/York side by going down 222 (which I think is called the Fruitville Pike. Any locals can correct me).I got there in good time. Faster than the farmland route. The Hotel itself is a Marriott, run by a local hotel group under license. Everything you heard about parking is pretty much true. It’s limited, it’s a logistical

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Little Wars TV at Fall IN!

Once again, as I mentioned at HISTORICON 2018, Little Wars TV did a bang up job covering a HMGS convention.  I like these guys– they are tongue in cheek and very funny, as well as good visual stylists.  Since I could safely say I’m part of the a small wave of negative reports about the Host and its many deficiencies in responding to customer needs for Fall IN!, I think I’m going to earn a little karmic credit and present these guys to adjust the cosmic balance a little.   Enjoy!  I know I did.  Advertisements __ATA.cmd.push(function() { __ATA.initSlot('atatags-26942-5bee66c6e2106', { collapseEmpty: 'before', sectionId: '26942', width: 300, height: 250 }); }); __ATA.cmd.push(function() { __ATA.initSlot('atatags-114160-5bee66c6e2108', { collapseEmpty: 'before', sectionId: '114160', width: 300, height: 250 }); });

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