Statue Base

I decided some of my town setups needed some statues to add a bit of character, so I created a simple mdf plinth. This design has actually been made for a Salute freebie model but I have tested it out on this random geezer on a horse. I have a bunch of Salute giveaway models from over the years and plan to make plinths to fit a variety if model sizes.

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Office Block

The Mark II version of the Office Block has a different stair entrance. For this model I also added the corner stonework which I painted a good contrasting colour. The roof and interior floors are just paper images found on DIY websites and printed, cheating I know, but it works for me! There is a Mark III with double doors at the front, but I don’t have one cut yet.

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Office Block Prototype

The original office block I designed has a different stair configuration that did not look as good as I had hoped when I actually came to build it. But it was still more than usable, so it has been inked to within an inch of its life. The flash has bleached out the pavement a bit, but I think I will go back and draw in the lines.

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