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Lelith Hesperax and Dwarf Wizards

The painting pace slowed a bit this weekend. I had to take a bit of a break. I was tiring of the Hellions (and Drukhari in general) so I splashed a bit of paint on a few other things and I even managed to finish up a few of thems Saturday evening! (I often keep a few other things around the workbench for just such an occasion - when I want to paint something but just getting sick of what I've been working on).Lelith Hesperax - a Drukhari named character. Lelith is a succubus of the Cult of Strife.She'll probably end up being used as a "Counts As.." mini in a detachment using the Cult of Strife rules. This may or may not be used in the upcoming tournament. I may finish up one of the regular generic Succubi for the force Finnegan's going to use.Dwarf wizards from Lead Adventure Miniatures. I actually painted the female wizard some time ago, but repainted her dress as I didn't like the colour. It was originally painted blue, but that just wasn't working for me (and besides, I also painted another pair of Dwarf W

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William Tell's Apple Shot

Early in the 14th century, Swiss legend has it that William Tell was made sport of when Albrecht Gessler, the Austian vogt (officer) of the Swiss principality of Uri, demanded that he shoot the apple resting on Tell's son's head.Mosaic at the Swiss National MuseumThis challenge originated from a situation in which Tell pointedly decided not to salute the authority of the Austrian crown as he entered the town of Altdorf (this being Gessler's hat sitting atop a pole placed alongside the road to town). Seeing this act of defiance, Tell and his son, Walter, were arrested by the town constables and presented to Gessler for judgement. The Tells were cruelly sentenced to death for William's temerity of not recognising the power of Switzerland's Austrian overlords. Nonetheless, Gessler, knowing Tell was a renown crossbowman, wanted to make nasty sport from his prisoner's expense, and so decreed that he would commute their execution if Tell could shoot the apple off the head of his son.From Se

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