Legends of the Old World

[EN/PL] Dwarf crossbowmen / Krasnoludzcy kusznicy

I warmly welcome!As part of the rest from the historical projects of the Crusaders and Ancient Greece,  two classic models of dwarf crossbowmen today.As there are many non-original models, and copy-lovers (who admit it themselves!), I would like to point out that my little ones are 100% original GW models, actually Marauder Miniatures. Both designs come from 1990, and were sculpted by Aly Morrison and Colin Dixon.The first dwarf could successfully serve at one of the royal troops as a commander in the years of splendor of dwarven kingdoms. Now he can be the captain of imperial crossbowmen, bitterly mentioning old times.A second crossbowman with a different appearance from his companion, which I expressed in a different painting, looks like a hunter or ranger from Tyrol or other mountain region of Germany and Switzerland.Both models I like very much both models, have huge tracts of charm (which is not to be found in AoS or WFB from edition 7 up) and will proudly feed the ranks of my Dwarf company.--------

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