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Krampus Arrives in Wild West Exodus

Are you needing more festive cheer in your Wild West Exodus games? Warcradle Studios have announced their new 2018 seasonal miniature for Wild West Exodus. Better yet, it’s available to order now! “You’d better watch out, you’d better be tough… or the Krampus will carry you off” Children all along the Frontier are used to hearing about Krampus from their parents – and their elder siblings too, of course! Let’s hope he isn’t visiting YOU this year… Available only during December, take comfort that you aren’t in the iron pot he carries on his back. Funnily enough, the pot is just about large enough to hold one small naughty child, ready to be whisked off to who knows where… You can order Krampus Rex now in time for the holidays. The post Krampus Arrives in Wild West Exodus appeared first on Tabletop Games UK.

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Sylvius Brabo, Crisis 2018 give away figure

Here he is, the limited edition model the first 1800 paying visitors will find in their goodie bag at the Crisis wargame show next saturday, 3rd of november, at Waagnatie Antwerp.With our show growing every year in both traders, clubs and visitors, we (finally?) made the figure of the legendary founder of Antwerp (at least, in folklore).Brabo, who can be seen on the city hall square in Antwerp tossing a hand in the direction of the Scheldt river, was a 3th to 4th century roman officer.  When the giant Antigoon terrorised the waterway, he fought and defeated him.  He next cut off the giants hand and tossed it in the river, hence the name "Ant-werpen" of "hand-throwing".Hey, it's a legend of course, but definitly a good sounding one.  The figure has been sculpted once again by Paul Hicks, who has now done all over figures apart from the very first two (Ambiorix, by Pro Patria, and Leopold II, by the Perry's) and cast by Griffin Molds.  The figure comes dressed in late roman armour, and

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