List Planning

Dhunian Archon

They spoiled the images of the Dhunian Archon. She will be on a medium base, unlike the other archons, and I'd have to say that I don't like the color choices going on here. The green skin with the orange hair makes her too Orcy for my tastes, so I might stick to my standard troll brown skin, maybe green clothes, or maybe standard blue as my troll scheme goes.I'm trying to find a list to test her in.Right now we're concerned that she doesn't do enough to justify taking up a Minion slot in a list or even taking up a free slot in the Power of Dhunia theme where she's included (and thus, could run 2 of her in).Often you need to use that minion slot to flex some part of your list, like using it to get a Bog Trog Mist Speaker for Guidance, for example.Option 1: Modify what you've gotList 1 : KolgrimaMy standard Kolgrima list minus her shaman buddies. I've played this list a lot and enjoy it immensely. I've been moving away from it because Kolgrima is always in danger of dying, and I think I might need to run

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Making Room for Horthol

The Long Rider Hero Horthol is an amazing offensive support piece for the Trollbloods's Heavy cavalry. He's 18 boxes to remove from the table, has most of the crazy benefits Long Riders have (a slam, a follow up attack, POW 14 mount attack, crit mount knockdown), and then he turns it up a notch by giving all friendly Long Riders on the table an additional die on impact attack rolls, making the knockdown even more likely to happen. About the only thing he doesn't have is Brutal Charge, and he makes up for that by having +3 more POW on his melee weapon to begin with, so when he charges he's still hitting harder than a charging Long Rider by 1 POW. Oh yeah, and his hammer can critically smite. Recently the Trollbloods facebook group has been discussing how to include him in lists, and there's been some helpful advice posted there (I have trouble accessing facebook on this computer). My own focus has been to consider how to fit Horthol into an existing Band of Heroes list, the one Tim Banky typically ra

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