Siege the Tower GT- Custodes Coverage

So at the end of may I attended the first GT pu on by an amazing local groupCOASTAL WARGAMINGThese guys really know how to get events going. Terrain was great (this is most important to note as there have been several GTs missing the mark on this lately). Missions were fun! Event was a blast. All good people and good times. No bad games or bad feelings that I experienced.Unfortunately, this was back in MAY (really before Caladius were SUPER EXPLODING. But if you look back at my unit reviews, I had said this was the unit to use and the Telemon was fading) so I forget most of the details to write up a more extensive Batrep. I do know I discussed in in Hobby Progress on last month's episode of our Allies of Inconvenience Podcast, so check that out if you want to hear more.First off my Army. I played Custodes for the event and took home Second for Painting (lost to a Wobbly Modeler using their board from Adepticon, which is an impressive thing if you've never seen it).My list was as followsCustodes Battalion- 197

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Weekend Fun List: Custodes + Sisters 2k

Played a really fun game versus Chaos yesterday.I didn't manage to snag my opponents list fully but I can sum it upAhrimanSorcerer2 x Khorne Charaters (reroll wound and hits)1 x Slaanesh Character3 x Rhinos w/ 8 Beserkers in eachLarge 20+ man noise marine squad40 cultists2 x 10 cultists20 or 30 TzaangorsMy list:Custodes Outrider Det- 1652 pts, +1 CPHQ- Shield Capt on Dawneagle Jetbike: Relic- Auric Aquilis, Hurricane Bolter, Misercordia, Lance, Warlord (Impregnable Mind)- 164 ptsHQ- Shield Capt on Dawneagle Jetbike: Salvo Launcher, Misercordia, Lance- 179 ptsElites- Vexilus Praetor: Storm Shield, Vexila Defensor- 115 ptsFast Attack- Caladius Grav Tank: Twin Illiastus Accelerator Cannon, Twin Lastrum Bolt Cannon- 315 ptsFast Attack- Caladius Grav Tank: Twin Illiastus Accelerator Cannon, Twin Lastrum Bolt Cannon- 315 ptsFast Attack- Vertus Praetors (6): 6 x Lance, 6 x Hurricane Bolters, 6 x Misercordia- 564 ptsSisters of Battle Battalion Det-348 pts, +5CPHQ- Canoness: Power Sword, Storm Bolter- 51 ptsHQ- Canone

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Starting AoS: Tamurkhan's Horde First Steps

So I've decided to make the plunge. I am starting an AoS army. Why now? Well AoS 2.0 seemed to relaunch a lot of interest. I also move alot and have an active AoS community where I currently live. Figured having an army I could use would only be a good thing.PICKING AN ARMYI wanted something relatively small, but unique in the meta and fun on the table top and to hobby. When the Tamurkhan's Horde pdf for AoS dropped, I knew it was perfect for me. I wanted something that would be fun and quick to build and paint, and I've always had fun painting Nurgle units. The Horde is a very assault oriented army with a rapid movement forward (I am a Blood Angel's player at heart), and it is unique and gimmicky (like my horse army). It is a perfect opportunity for some conversions along side some sweet forgeworld models. Bonus, the army is relatively low model count and isn't super competitive, so I don't have to worry about changing it or keeping it optimal. Sometimes it will hit like a ton of bricks and break people. Oth

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