Lock and Load

Doug Hamilton's alt Zaal2

Doug showed this off as a custom mod he was working on when Matt Wilson asked him, "Why aren't we selling this?" And so now this alternative Ancestral Advocate Zaal re-skinned as an animated ancient Egyptian stone statue (as opposed to a animated Skorne stone statue) will be for sale at this year's Lock and Load along with the alternate Doom Reavers.At a guess, they didn't just put this into the minicrate because they tend to make those models widely accessible, more Merc and Minion than anything else, and also because there will be a Skorne model already available in the line.Still hoping to see that Uber whelp he posted around the same time!

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Fifty shades of Feldgrau

If you haven't notice I'm slowly returning to broads game.  I got so miniatures that had never seen the light of day.  Or played with once. Only to have the group go in another direction.  That least I can play the broad games solo.  Plus the cost in the end it cheaper than buying miniatures.Fifty shades of Feldgrau pretty well covers any didn't squard level broad game.  Take a look you might find it interesting.Fifty Shade of Feldgrau

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