Lord Ghyrrshyld the Forgiven

Game 8: Kolgrima Winterwitch vs. Lord Ghyrrshyld, the Forgiven

Round 2 of the ATC we played against Practice is for Chumps. I got drawn into (by either captain, I wasn't really paying attention to the draft) a match with Trevor Gould who dropped Goreshade4 into my Kolgrima.The plan here is to threaten the Dawnguard battle-engine with my bears and then try to contain the map on the left side with my champions.Goreshade's cavalry play some yoyo games in the fire cloud by stepping into and through to shoot at viable targets and then step back. He feats because I will have the capability to alpha strike on his army and he wants to gather souls for Goreshade for when I do.Kolgrima steps up to cast Cursed Fate on the Soulless Escorted Dawnguard Sentinels on the left flank to make sure any hit kills them. She feats and catches everything except the Soulless Escort. She also catches the battle-engine and, more importantly, Imperatus. Then she Vanishes back behind the Wall and behind a cloud with Rok beside her to cover her rightside.Trolls sweep through and clear all but one mod

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