Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship Of The Ring

The Bridge of Khazad-Dum and Dumber

As I referred to in the last post, I attended the recent Barrage convention (put on by the HAWKS, a MD based gaming club) two weeks ago. I played Cruel Seas from late afternoon until 5 (see last post) and then squeezed my way into an evening game. I was glad I did. The game was THE BRIDGE AT KHAZAD DUM and the GM was Matt Kirkhart, from somewhere in Maryland. Matt was reenacting a critical sequence from the Fellowship of the Ring, where the Balrog emerges to chase the Fellowship to the Bridge, and Gandalf says his line, and, well, you know.. mumble mumble… Here’s the cool part. He made the miniatures. Pippin Sam Frodo, plus Glowing Sword STING Aragorn Gandalf Pretty cool, huh? These were made with “bits and bobs and craft bits and interesting shapes and a lot of paint”, to paraphrase the creator. The result is a set of miniatures to create a LOTR miniature game that is entirely unique, visually striking and not for sale anywhere! Follow me,

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