Sick Day/ Snow Day

Yesterday was a snowy day in the Chicagoland area, and while my school system where I work was open my son's school was not. In addition to that, I have been sick since Wednesday of last week, running light fevers, cold sweats, and heavy sinus pressure.So I stayed home. Originally I was going to rest. Get better. It's the one thing I tell new teachers to do when they ask how to deal with all the illness once you've caught something. You stay home. You rest. You get better. There's no juice cleanse in the world that's going to replace that.However, there's no rest for a parent sometimes.While it was probably infinitely more restful being home with a four year old than being in a classroom with 18 year olds, I was still quite tuckered out by the time my wife came home. But sometimes there are moments that make up for it. (and not just the cuddling a four year old is wont to do).Here, for example, we are in the basement cleaning up. My Harry Potter Voldemort arrived, so I was putting him together so that my son

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