M1 57mm anti-tank gun

M1 57 mm anti-tank gun (Bolt Action)

I am Bolt Action celebrity!!!Me! Me! Me!Who's hot? Meeeee! No fat, centaur-ass reality show b!tch but meee!!!Wooo-hooo!!! Just check Warlord Games' gallery of awesomeness!!!And here's some more in case my infantry ain't enough!!!Right... Ekhm...What was is supposed to be about?Ah yes, an anti-tank gun.Some time back decision was made to put my medium mortar and it's crew on a single, 60mm round base:for me it's simply easier to transport, there's no need to search missing (deserting...) crew members while packing for battle and which more (actually: most) important - looks better.  While preparing army for battle I always try to provide my trusty troops with some anti-tank punch. Medium 57 mm gun maybe is not something spectacular, but it's at least fine for blocking part of the battlefield. Enemy usually thinks twice before parking a vehicle within it's arc of fire. Shit happens after all.Besides when there's no other hope (and gun around...) you can also use it against infentry: 1" template!

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