M18 Hellcat

Painted 1200 pts US army

There's been quite a lot about making terrain for Bolt Action battlefield recently, so it's time to turn the tide, back into stricte miniatures.For recent "Road to Berlin" campaign each or participants had to prepare 2 army lists: 1200 points from the same selector. I think the idea was to fit the army to specific scenario's conditions (attack/defence, capture markers or whatever).So here are mine.Quite a rare occasion to show fully painted battleforce actually...The first one is anti-tank group:Local players like heavy armour a lot, in fact it's nothing unusual to see 2 tanks on 1000 pts games. Therefore I became tank allergic...Sure it's fun to use large squads but when confronted with German armour, my infantry melts like snowman in March...So the remedy is solid anti-tank punch:- 2 bazookas,- Hellcat and Greyhound (light AT gun but still counts),- AT atrillery,- air support,- flamethrower (in case shit gets really thick and REALLY close).In my opinion it's solid and reliable force but durin

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