M24 Chaffee

Black Grom Studio pillboxes

Hey again,Apparantly I've finally managed to get back on painting tracks and started dealing with the unpainted stuff despite whole that recent real life mess.It was rather quick job - last afternoon I had to bring and unpack some of my remaining stuff from the old flat and assemble display case, so since I wan't going anywhere - started slapping some paint in the meantime. Late evening it turned out all was ready for the next Bolt Action game.Those pillboxes ("einmanbunker") arrived together with the iron bridge. Once again I must say I definitelly love Black Grom Studio's lasercut stuff: definitely brought our battlefield on the new level.Assembly was piece of cake and the material it's made of is just so easy to work on.I tried to give it cocnrete look so I airbrushed it with several layers of greys, glazed with oils and then hit with some dry pigments. Imo result is at least decent for gaming purposes.As for that weirdo in the middle it's prepainted priest from EM4 models (Dunwitch Detectives se

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M24 Chaffee (Bolt Action) walkthrough

With this one I've officialy run out of Bolt Action vehicles.Finally!Because since like a few months I've been doing anything but painting infantry models:working on vehicles, buildings, upgrading game table...So now, without Chaffee on the desk, there are no more excuses for not painting infantry. Perspective of having whole army 100% painted has never been closer:the distance is about 25 infantry models...As for the model itself I've been taking pictures while working on it, so in case of getting satisfying result I could repeat it later.The tank is Warlord Games' resin + metal piece.Must say it's nothing spectacular but otoh I've seen much worse casts from this manufacturer. Cleaning it and assembling didn't take much time, the barrel and commander got paperclip pins for more reliable bond - it's gaming model after all.Here's the assembled piece.The green color ain't proper basecoat yet, I've just been spraying excess paint on it.Basecoating. Actually - preshading.I got nice result using this trick on the

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