M3A1 Stuart

Some more Bolt Action bits and bobs

Right... Until now I was actually hoping to paint something else than Bolt Action miniatures but this stuff is way too tempting for me...So here's official statement: it's the last Bolt Action stuff painted before finishing something else. Something totally different!Most probably Great Unclean One or at least something similar size...So what's on menu today? First of all I've finished medium machine gun for US force. Haven't used it combat yet but I think it might have some potential: mostly dealing pin markers and hopefully taking down enemy soliders.Sometimes...This particular one is Artizan version, I also have Warlord's model since US army can field more machine gun teams per slot than other armies. Huzzzah!!!I really like Artizan's models, the only flaw of this set is shooter's face. I assume the mould was wearing off (or something) but half of the model's face was so screwed that it would fit Konflikt '47 better then Bolt Action as horrid result of Nazis experiments on POW...All in all t

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Paras sent to liberate France

Hello,This time there're only fresh photos of old stuff.Last week my patatroopers found new home in France so before they were packed I took keepsake family photo of the squad.All in all they are cool and reliable unit (and my first purchase from Bolt Action range if I remember correctly) but after year or so of playing I realised they just don't fit my vision of US force. I simply like ordinary troopers better.Good news is the buyer already has solid paratroopers force so I am quite sure the guys will get along in no time.What else?Oh yeah, more pictures.After sending paratroopers there was inspection of rest of my Bolt Action toys and it looks like there are two more pieces which I don't use too often, which could actually be changed into something fitting ground force better.First one is M3A1 halftrack:solid combat taxi, big enough to cary ful squad of infantry: The next one - M3A1 Stuart:nasty piece, really: pretty cheap in points and armed with deadly flamer: 12" of range + 9" advance makes it just

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