Mad Max

Big Thank you to Wargames Illustrated

I bought the recent issue of Wargames Illustrated (number 383) PRIMARILY for the cool sprue of Landsknecht figures that came with the issue. Then I noticed the issue had some HISTORICON footage from back in July. Voila, I noticed this snippet (above) from my Mad Maximillian 1934 game I ran at the convention. Needless to say, I’m both pleased and flattered. I will be running this game a couple more times (Fall IN 2019 for certain) before I switch to Berlin. Hope to see you all at Fall IN!

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Two new vehicles for Mad Maximilian 1934

In preparation for COLD WARS 2019, where I’m running a Junkwaffel game Friday night, I have rolled two new vehicles out of the shop.  The Leyat Fan Dancer and the Blue Omega.  Both cars are diecast conversions, not kit cars. First, a little history.  Both diecasts are based on ancient vehicles that actually existed.  The first is the ALFA CONSTANZA 40/60 AERODINAMICA, which was designed between 1913 and 1922. I like the unique shape. At the Alfa Romeo Museum, Italy I am intrigued by the new Spar Torpedo rules that were published in an article in WSS 95, so I thought I’d build a few conversions featuring this weapon. Enter.. the Blue Omega! Blue Omega with one Torp deployed.  Figure for scale. Blue Omega with both spars in stow configuration Conversion was simple. I added a couple of brackets on either side of the Omega, and then built a large spar with a rocket shaped game piece on top for the “warhead”. Note that the WSS95 rules state only one spar per car, but I cheerfully broke this

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Mad Maximillian 1934 at ScrumCon

I don’t want to overwhelm the ScrumCon 2019 after action report (last post) with a post on a game I ran, or it would load the post with pictures of one event. I took one of the game slots in the morning shift of ScrumCon, which meant a 10:00 AM start time. We had no trouble setting up– terrain is basically a flat cloth, some scatter terrain, a few bluffs, the pyramids indicating where you need to turn, and the Gates at the near and far end. I had about 20 vehicles, with a wide range of sizes and classes. Seen in photo: Blue Horizon, Lil Red Devil, Rickety Racer, A Touch of Elegance, People’s Collective, The Singular (monowheel), and Brutarian. When it comes to customizing vehicles I like to start with a recognizable historical concept– like the Bentley, the Bugati, the Soviet Armored Car, etc., so I don’t make insane car customization. The semi-historical element adds to the whimsy element. I ran Mad Maximilian 1934 at Fall IN! 2018 with Jon Lunberg.  I was noticing kind of a run

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