Madrak Great Chieftain

Artwork Arrived

Privateer Press did a Kickstarter for an Artbook, and as an incentive they offered up large canvas art prints of any artwork they had that was in a large enough file size. At first they had a bunch of their montage battle scenes. But then they started answering requests as to whether or not this image or that was large enough to process into a large canvas print.Of course I had to ask for the Great Chief himself.This is the spot where he'll go in the basement. I'll update with a picture of it in place once I'm done. I ran out of command strips from putting up some foam on the walls to make the game room less bouncy. The thing up there now is a print I had made of the Northkin artwork onto a cloth. Guess I'll have to find a new spot for it!

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The Art of Privateer Press Kickstarter Funded!

When they first revealed the Privateer Press kickstarter rewards, I breathed a sigh of relief. There were basically just a few levels of support: Book (digital and/or print), Pre-release model (minimum 30 dollar buy in, but only 17 dollars if picked up with one of the book options), two hundred dollar canvas print of their artwork.It didn't seem like I needed to go deep into the kickstarter.  There wasn't anything I really wanted in the list of available canvas prints. I mean, sure, I love the big foldout battle-scenes and whatnot, but what I wanted was mah boi Madrak, Great Chieftain.I pledged 40 dollars for a print and digital copy of the book and was content to wait and watch the Kickstarter progress.But then I actually read the thing, and they said you could comment on the page asking if certain prints were available.Then I saw someone actually request and get a response for a particular print to be made available as a canvas option.Then I logged in and made my own request.Now, five days later, I'm p

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