Madrak Ironhide Chieftain

Game 14: Borka2 vs. Madrak1

Steven and I played two match-ups on that Saturday. The first was the one I would actually drop into his pairing. He brought Kolgrima and Madrak1. He figured Kolgrima wouldn't have game into either list (less use of sprays), so he dropped Madrak1 storm of the North.It's a list that uses a Glacier King, and I also really like how it plays.Borka2 POD is fast becoming a go-to list for me. One because it's low model count and two because it's effective.That doesn't mean it's easy to run.I start the game with five whelps out, and immediately sacrifice one for the Axer after all the other beasts run. Often Mulg gets Rush for free from Borka, or the Axer casts it on a piece that I want further forward, like if I'm going to need the Storm Troll.The other whelps start to position to contest the left zone.Unfortunately for me, a unit of Bears ambushes correctly and eats my contesting whelps. Not only do they eat the one contesting, but they are able to get into melee distance with the ones setting up to contest. The ta

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