10 Magical diseases for your next tabletop RPG session

In a world of magic, there are bound to be ailments and illnesses that only affect those of a magical bent. Depending on the level of magic in your game, these illnesses could have huge, hilarious and often deadly results. With that in mind, we have put together 10 magical diseases for you to use in your next RPG.   Name: Mana-drain Effect: For every day that the character has this disease, they lose 10% of their remaining power points (rounding down). Spread: Highly contagious. Can be spread just by touching an infected person. Cure: A potion containing very rare ingredients.   Name: Mana corporis Effect: Every time the character uses power points, they take that many hits. Spread: This illness it not contagious. It is caused by over exposure to mana. Cure: Magical healing from a very skilled practitioner   Name: Involuntary invisibility Effect: Every 12 hours, the character becomes more difficult to perceive, starting from mundane and moving all the way up to Absurd. Spread: Contagious. Bacte

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Rats of Tanglethorn Pt.9: Merchant Boxing

It was early morning, already the sun was beating down upon the dead yellow dirt, and Afheesh the ratling Quickling was beginning to feel trapped. After a forced march around the parade ground and a breakfast of fruit, veggies, and bread in the mess, Afheesh (played by yours truly) went to the bursar. He collected the previous day’s pay, 95 bronze thorns (pay was 100 but there was the 5% Mezcor tithe). Subsequently, he spent the rest of the morning atop the thorns above the gates spotting for incoming caravans. Only ratlings were assigned the battlements over the gates as the Thorn Crown had grown over the ramparts ages ago leaving only small tunnels through the winding thorny vines. Moreover, the thorns acted as an additional cover for those manning the hidden crenulations of the gate. Therefore, it allowed the guards, armed with darts and some with crossbows, to fire with impunity on any enemies without the gates. It was also horribly cramped, suffocating, and filthy not unlike the hovels of Thorn-runner ra

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Genera #1: Clergy Class Spellcasting List

For a while now a few people have asked for a spell list. A list that those playing Clerics, Paladins, Priests, and other Clergy Class characters with spellcasting abilities can use. So, I have come up with a very general spell list conveniently sub-categorized into levels. Genera will consist of requested material and various self-contained excisions from published material that would not otherwise see the light of day. Click the link below to download the PDF via the Mediafire website. The Clergy Class Spell List – 596k This file can also be had via the Dice & Glory Players League on FB as well in the Files section.   The post Genera #1: Clergy Class Spellcasting List appeared first on Ranger Games Publishing.

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